Butyl reclaim rubber

Product Profile

Butyl reclaim rubber is produced exclusively from automotive butyl tubes.It is a unique product recycled out of Scrap Butyl Rubber Tubes.

The scrap Butyl tubes are pure Butyl and no other polymer content is present.

We manufacture Butyl Reclaim with high tensile strength and low ash content as specified by our esteemed customers. Strict standards are followed and all specifications adhere to IS and ASTM specs.

Applications Of Butyl Reclaim Rubber

  • Butyl Inner Tubes
  • Hoses
  • Tyre Inner Liners, etc


Butyl Rubber has several features like good gas tightness, ozone resistance, aging resistance, good thermo stability, inorganic acid resistance and common solvent proof. Also…

  • Short and fast mixing power
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Low heat buildup in processing
  • Low thermo plasticity
  • High rate of curing
  • Cost reduction Long shelf life

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